Professional 24-hour towing service.

Towing Service “Koli” has been providing its service since 2004 in Albania and European Schengen states, working with professionalism and competitive prices.

Kompania ka operuar me sukses prej 9 vitesh, duke pasur si përparësi kujdesin për klientin. Kjo ka ndikuar pozitivisht në rritjen e kompanisë dhe rritjen e numrit të klientëve të kënaqur.

For us it is important to cover every corner of Albania, Balkans region and Schengen states and we think that we have achieved it successfully, certainly with the help of our customers.

Our competitive prices are another reason to choose our service.

Also, we understand the importance of a fast and qualitative service, so we make sure to provide functional towing trucks with skilled and courteous workers.

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